Stone Circle Games | May 2015

Designed by: Jon Moffat

Horrible Hex is a dynamic game of tiles and tactics that combines the depth of a chess match with the simplicity of a game of dominoes.

Players alternate placing and moving hex tiles to arrange the hexes to complete the patterns on their goal cards. With four different hex movement types to choose from and no goal card the same as another, each game of Horrible Hex presents a new challenge!

Horrible Hex is an abstract tile- laying game for 1-3 players ages 10 and up.  Games can be played in 20 Minutes.

Game Components

There are only two components: a deck of goal cards and a set of hex tiles. There is no board; instead, the hexes form a constantly shifting maze of possible moves, blocks, and scoring opportunities.

Hex Tiles

Each game comes with 13 Grey and 13 Red tiles.  Each tile has a different set of icons used to move the tiles around.

Slide - Use this movement to slide the Hex tile into an empty space adjacent to this edge.  If there is another Hex tile in the way, you cannot perform this action.

Swap - Use this movement to exchange the positions of this Hex tile with the adjacent Hex.  Both Hexes may be used to complete Goal Cards.

Push - Use this movement to move the  Hex one space in this direction.  If any other Hex tiles are in the way, this Hex pushes them along the same path.  All Hexes moved maybe be used to complete Goal Cards.

Jump - Use this movement to pick up this Hex tile and place it on the opposite side of the tile(s) in this direction.  The Hex tile can jump any number of tiles but it must stop at the first empty space.

Each game comes with 26 unique goal cards.  Players attempt to create these patterns by manipulating the Hex tiles using the different movement symbols.

Goal Cards



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