Steel your resolve and prepare to be boarded

Pirate Kings awaits!



Designed by: Jon Moffat

Is there anything better than sitting around a table with friends, a few cold beverages, and a game to play while you enjoy them?


Of course there is -- the game could be all about Pirates!


Grab your favorite cutlass, prepare your fiercest Yarr, and try your hand (and your constitution) at the newest offering from Stone Circle Games: Pirate Kings!

Stone Circle Games | May 2015

Taking the classic "Kings" rules and layout, Pirate Kings takes the typical deck of cards and adds a swashbuckling twist.

Players may find themselves

Walking The Plank, saddled with a Repeating Parrot, facing a dreaded Keelhauling, or even

gaining the Pirate King's Favor in order to change the game rules over the course of the 52-card deck.

 Fortune and favor await the brave, and swabbing the deck and finishing the Pirate King's Cup awaits the unlucky.

Fun for groups as large as 10+ and as small as 2, Pirate Kings is a welcome twist on the classic drinking game experience with no learning curve for new players and infinite replayability.