The Druids are going to MAGFest!

magfest_logoCalling all summoners:

Stone Circle Games is proud to announce our attendance at MAGFest 13, which is being held in National Harbor, MD, from January 23-25. We’ll be manning a table small on space, but big on variety and fun.

Come join Aaron, Jon, and Chris and try your luck at Horrible Hex, the new tactical puzzler from Stone Circle Games, currently running on Kickstarter.

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Let the Horrible Hex Summoning Begin!

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Show of hands: Do you like free pizza? Awesome games? Are you free this Wednesday night?

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The Ritual Has Begun!

We’ve been quiet here lately at SCG- preparing ingredients, drawing symbols, circles, and focusing on our winter beards, but that’s all about to change.

We’ve been hard at work at the summoning circle, and preparations for our first big feature and Kickstarter project, Horrible Hex, are nearing completion.

Starting mid-January 2015, handsome/beautiful people just like you will have the opportunity to back our project and receive from your very own copy of Horrible Hex right at your doorstep. We’re still working out how to remove the brimstone smell incurred during crossdimensional transport; we’re confident we’ll have it all sorted out by the time the Kickstarter begins!

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A Druid goes to MAGFest 8.5

By Jon Moffat

Being extremely local, I was able to make the last-minute decision to attend MagFest 8.5. MagFest proper is held in the Gaylord Hotel and Convention hall in National Harbor, but this event was in the nearby Hilton since it’s smaller.

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Province Micro-Game Review

Province Micro-Game Review
By Chris Faulkenberry

Creators: Clayton Grey, Sam Strick
Publisher: Laboratory
Players: 2
Average Playtime: 25 minutes
MSRP: $10.00

On a whim, I backed a Kickstarter for five dollars. It was for a game called Province, produced by micro-game publisher Laboratory. I figured, “What have I got to lose here?” A few days ago, the envelope finally arrived. Yes, I said envelope, meaning a standard postal envelope. I broke out the game, punched out the tokens, and gave it a whirl.


Province is part of a new genre called “micro-games.” These are compact, usually short games that are inexpensive and easy to store and transport. Once assembled, the entire game fits into a small plastic bag. I’ve seen larger bags inside the boxes of other games.

The theme is pretty standard – you and your opponent are competing to build the most successful town by gathering and spending resources through the skillful use of workers. How does one determine success in this game? Why, by accumulating the ever-popular Victory Points™.
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