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Unpub Mini RVA Recap

By Jon Moffat

To start, I’ll say that Battlegrounds, just outside of Richmond VA is one of the nicest game stores I’ve ever visited.  They have a good supply of games, minis and tools, ample space for tabletop as well as casual gaming, available snacks, and even dedicated workspace for painting.

All this set the stage for a very successful UnPub event. [click to continue…]


The Battle for Biternia Awaits!

Greetings Summoners!

As we patiently wait for Horrible Hex to make its way across the ocean we have been using this time to develop our next great adventure.  We are excited to share with you our thrilling new game: Battle for Biternia!

Dark energy courses through long-dormant lands as a life-long forgotten returns from its slumber. The Dark Lord stirs in his exile, corrupting the power of the Con Sol and those who wield it in his attempts to escape his ancient prison.

Will you join the heroes in their Quest to save the lands of Biternia, or will you succumb to the Dark Lord’s will in his quest to destroy it?
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Chris’ 2015 Adventures – Unpub Mini and GenCon!

By Chris Faulkenberry

Unpub Mini

I thought I’d gotten to Atomic Empire in plenty of time. There’s always some detail you forget, though. And this time it was a sign holder, one of those clear plastic things. I like to learn something new each day, and that day I learned where you buy a clear plastic sign holder thing. I rushed back in the door and got 8-Bit Battle Arena set up just in time.
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The Making of Horrible Hex: A Skin-of-Your-Teeth Kickstarter Success Story

By Aaron Fennell

Horrible Hex KS SPlash






In February, 2015, Stone Circle Games came into its own by running a successful Kickstarter campaign for our first feature product, Horrible Hex. Though we ultimately prevailed thanks to our very generous backers, the journey was long and perilous, and we learned a lot from the various mistakes and missteps we made along the way.  For reference you can view the Kickstarter campaign page here.

If you’re considering running your own Kickstarter campaign, this post’s for you. What follows is a post-mortem of our latest effort, chock-full of advice intended to highlight the things we did right while helping you steer clear of the things we got… let’s call it “less right.”

Posts like this were a huge help for us when we put together our campaign, but there’s no substitute for experience. We hope this will prove as useful to you as similar posts were to us.
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